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5 easy tips to help you fill your vacancies!

by Jes Herman February 4th, 2009

Happy February everyone! Spring is just around the corner, so in the spirit of spring cleaning, we decided to put together 5 easy tips to help fill your vacancies. Some of these tips help market your online MrRental listings, and others are “offline” methods to help drive potential renters to your property. Here we go:

1. Get your rental properties online. People who are moving to your town or city don’t necessarily have access to the local paper, so it’s important to get your properties online, so anyone with an internet connection can see it. Upload pictures and include as much information as possible about your property. Your goal is to be attractive enough that potential renters email or call you.

There are plenty of online listing web sites out there. Most of them charge money but some are free. In this economy it’s wise to save money if you can, and that is why is such a great tool to market your rental listings online for free. Some other free listing web sites are kijiji and Craigslist, but they are very generic and do not specialize in rental properties.

2. Place an Ad in your newspaper. Newspaper ads are expensive, but you can drastically reduce the costs, and increase exposure, by directing readers to your online listing. Rather than spending big bucks to write a big article about your property, write something like: “Beautiful home 2 beds 2 baths only $900/mo. For more info visit listing ID: <your lisitng id here>”.

As stated, this method can reduce your advertising costs by keeping the amount of words to a minimum, while still gaining maximum exposure by directing them to your online listing where they can see pictures and a lot more information.

3. Display a FOR RENT sign on your property. Time to dig out that old For Rent sign and try to capture the eye of drive-by traffic. But don’t stop there, get a sign that allows you to write information on it. Like the newspaper strategy, write “ Listing ID: <your listing id>” on the For Rent sign. Once again the key is to drive traffic to your online listing so renters can see your property on their own time, and if they’re interested, they will contact you for a showing.

4. Contact local businesses. Call local businesses and see if any of their employees need a place to rent. If you have business cards made up, drop some off for future reference. I know a lot of businesses that are bringing in labor from other countries and landlords are scooping these renters up. Talk to business owners and let them know you have a place for rent.

5. Curb appeal! Curb appeal is huge. You want your property to stand out from the competition, so make sure the inside and outside of your property is clean, organized, and looks like a great place to live. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Make sure the place is clean and the lawn is mowed. Remove any clutter throughout. Be sure to take pictures of your nice and clean rental property and upload them to your online listing. Remember: What they see is what you attract.

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