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Attracting Tenants

by Jes Herman May 25th, 2010

Attracting the right tenants to your property is very important. Once you attract them you need to put them through your screening process, but are you attracting the right people? To do this, write down your ideal tenant. Are they professionals? Students? What is their ideal age? Do they have kids? Are they quiet? Write down everything you can think of that describes your ideal tenant.

Now that you have defined the kind of tenant that you would like to see in your rental property, you have to identify the places where you’ll find your tenant. There are many ways to advertise your vacant unit, however, targeting your ideal tenant may require a different strategy. Perhaps you want to target retirees who are receiving pensions or government cheques because they have a steady stream of income to pay rent. In this case you could advertise at local senior centres, legions, or even churches. Or, maybe you prefer renting to foreign workers, so advertising at local businesses and HR departments may be a good idea.

The point here is to get creative and become proactive. Don’t just sit there and hope that someone will call you from a newspaper ad. Go to them!

1. define your ideal tenant
2. Identify the best marketing strategy for attracting your ideal tenant
3. Execute your marketing strategy!

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